• Special attention is given to high standards of morality and discipline. For this punctuality, regularity, hard work and appropriate behavior are essential.
  • The parents and guardians are required to collaborate in this by signing the school diary of the students as and when required. Irregularity in attendance, habitual unsatisfactory work, disobedience, disrespect for authority etc may be punished even with dismissal. In case of dismissal the decision of the principal is final.
  • Use of tobacco products or intoxicants in any form is strictly forbidden in the institute premises. The use of Mobile phones during the Institute hours is strictly forbidden.
  • Trainees are responsible for the custody of their belongings. Any damage to property must be made good by the person concerned. As a part of work culture the trainees themselves clean the class rooms and the premises.
  • Every precaution is taken to avoid accidents, Institute will not be responsible for any injury to the trainee in case of any accident. If necessary, hospitalization may be done even before parents/guardians can be informed

Regularity Record

  • All trainees are expected to be regular and punctual in the institute. Any absence or leaves taken must be recorded in the institute dairy and signed by the parent/guardian and counter signed by the principal/superintendent. All late coming must be recorded.
  • Trainees who do not have 85% attendance may not be allowed to appear for the examinations, or may be denied the certificate.


  • The trainees are assessed on a monthly basis, and the total of marks obtained taken for the final issue of certificates. The monthly marks are recorded in the report card.