Hostels: Limited residential facilities are available to boys and girls in well furnished hostels. The trainees manage their own mess and share the expenses. The trainees see to the cleanliness of the hostel and is premises. Preference will be given to Christian students in the hostel. Admission to the hostel is on condition that trainees are willing to abide by the rules and regulations as well as the directives of the management. If the behavior of trainees is found to be detrimental to other inmates, he or she may be asked to leave the hostel at any times. In this matter, the decision of the Director is final binding.

The trainees must take part in all activities of the hostel.

The Institute is a member of the SKIP (Skills for Progress), an all India Association of Private Technical Schools and  of BOSCO TECH. INDIA, an organization of Don Bosco Technical Institutes in India. Through these organizations, there is a constant effort to improve the courses, standardize the syllabus and suitable accreditation.

DON BOSCO EDUCATIONAL AND DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY ( BEADS) runs a shelter home under the name of ASHALAYAM  for the rehabilitation of street children. Their rehabilitation includes food and shelter, health and schooling, value education for growth, search to trace their parents and reunion.

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