DON BOSCO was a man fully alive to and madly in love with the young. He was a Catholic priest who dreamt of a better future for the young of his own days and years ahead.

He was born in a poor family, learnt different trades to pay for his studies, and gave up a lucrative job to dedicate himself to the welfare of the young.

With unshakable faith in God, and trust in the innate goodness of heart present in every person, began his work for the young, teaching them, getting them employed, and following up their growth in life.

His contemporaries thought he was mad on account of his ideas, and new methodology. To keep his dream going he organised a group around him with the same vision and passion for the young and called them “Salesians”.

Today the Salesians are in 132 countries, running educational and training centres to cater to the modern times, equipping people with skills, strength of character and values to live by.

DON BOSCO TECHNICAL INSTITUTE (DBTI) MOHANLALGANJ is one such institution started in 1992, in response to the need of employment oriented skill training for the young people of North India. Over the years it has developed into a full grown training centre with state of the art facilities in the various trades, and keeps on growing further to meet the current needs of the job market.

DBTI is a Catholic Minority  Institution administrated by the Salesians Don Bosco and is a unit of the Salesians Brothers Society New Delhi. 

The AIM OF THE INSTITUTE is to provide the young with a vocational training to prepare them to face life with a skill that will match the needs of the time. The courses are designed to give the greatest opportunity to those who have the least due to economic or social backwardness. Great emphasis is laid on the practical training in hard-skills as well life-coping skills, so that they can be gainfully employed in the shortest period of time.

Towards achieving this aim THE METHODOLOGY OF DON BOSCO, “Father and Educator of youth” is adapted with the person, the trainee being made the centre of all activities. It is based on what he called “Reason, Religion and loving kindness” Every trainee is asked to take responsibility for his/her own training, through discipline, hard work and regularity. To achieve this, healthy conviction, self-confidence and respect for authority are encouraged, whereby rules become a means to growth. A fundamental conviction is inculcated wherein the trainee experiences the love of God in his life and shares this love with others in a cordial relationship irrespective of caste or creed. Dignity of labour, respect for persons, love for the country etc, are so fundamental that Don Bosco summed up his work as to make “honest citizens and good persons”